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Sarah Sabin - Artist Talk

Through this organised artist talk by Jonathan at UCC. Sarah covered subjects which I felt were extremely relevant for my PDP studies. This topics include information about projects, commissions, public engagement, selection, self initiation, funding and sponsorship.

How do commissions start?

  • Invitation

  • Expression

  • Application

  • Selection

  • Self Initiation

  • Funding

  • Sponsorship

Questions for Sarah regarding Greenfields;

How did you budget? Given set budget by company, be very vigilant on where money goes. Make sure you're insured.

How did you source cost of materials?

Tips on Applications

Clarity - What does your development mean. Why and how if helps yourself?

Avoid describing your practise in a confusing manner - Be clear

Images - Represent you best and are relevant to the project. Good quality. Check resolution. Wider views and details.

How I answer brief - Read criteria, jot down main points, why do you want to do it, examples of experience

Layout - Emphasis, sections and break it up by headings, sub-headings. Helps your focus.

All of this information is going to be extremely helpful for when I start applying for commissions in the future.

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