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Proposal For Degree Show

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Reflecting on my proposal written at the beginning of this semester for my Professional Module, I realise I have grown more professional in what I do in these past months. Some plans in that proposal never came to light, however, I tried/achieved most things i proposed, which I am pleased of. I want to write a proposal for my degree show, highlighting some topics which I feel need to be explored.

Proposal for Degree Show

During this module, I have explored what it takes to be selective with their artwork. For someone who used to be very broad in her art practise, not being able to hone down on what to showcase. In these recent months, I have noticed my growth in self awareness when it comes to how artwork should be displayed. It does not have to be the whole selection, it could be a small number from that selection. It won't take away any meaning or context, you are simply highlighting the more important aspects of the selection. For my final project, I have stepped out of my comfortable box and I have lowered the number in photographs/new media images than I originally intended. My 'IN WITH THE OLD' series, will now only display 6 images and will display three of my self-portraits. Bear in mind, I only shot three.

However, what I had in mind months before was a much larger number and even these two figure, feel like a big step for me. Now I have done the artwork, my main focus is presenting and curating my work to a higher standard than previously attempted. I realise that it is just as important that curation and presentation aspects are also on point, as it can either make or break an exhibition. There's a topic that may need a lot of my focus towards this degree show and that is the statement/concept behind the artwork. I need to develop a statement which I believe reflects my artwork the way I see it. But sometimes, I can't put down in words what I see. It's a difficult subject, writing a statement for you work, especially if you're still not at the roots of it. But if anything, this has taught me to understand your work before exhibiting. Dig deep into detail and write a beautiful statement to demonstrate your research.

I have successfully undertaken paths to create a more professional image for myself, with in the presentation, IE. specifically sourcing pieces and printing and framing at professional outlets no matter what the cost. I also understand that promoting yourself as an artist is vital around this time of finishing a degree, you are at an important stage in your life to be networking and reaching out to opportunities. That's why I am proud we are taking this degree show to FREE RANGE London, as I believe it will open doors we may never have expected. For this degree show I am working on producing business cards to self promote which has details of my social media accounts printed onto them. This will also give me the drive to keep my social media accounts desirable and presentable to followers and potential buyers.

All of these aspects should hopefully demonstrate my development as a professional artist and I hope to leave this degree after the show, with my head held high thinking I done all what I could. I want to take away from this degree, the proud feeling of achievement in completing a course which betters myself as an artist and will send me on my way to a professional career in art practise.

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