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Notes (Title of Exhibition)

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

PDP - WHAT'S HAPPENING? Important things I need to know

  1. Blog on memory stick

  2. Coversheet

  3. Mention show

  4. Make sure to talk about teaching volunteer role

  5. Business plan and 1,3,5 year plan

  6. Join AN

1 Year - Complete PGCE, Start selling work

3 Year - Being employed as an art teacher, Applying for more competitions and exhibitions

5 Year - Steady career, Exhibitions running often with studio space

How would I like to see my website? Do I want it clean, crisp and formal? Or something eye-catching and commercial?

We also discussed what exhibition names to call our show in FREE RANGE London:

  • (Hon)-estly Mixed

  • (Hon)estly? (Hon)est

  • A WIP Story


We were interested in playing with the term BA (Hons), predominantly using (Hons) within most options so far. We seem to favour the first choice of (Hon)-estly Mixed.

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