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My Networks

I've decided to categorise my networks both involved personal and business opportunities. I will break down each category;

Stage Design

Being apart of musical theatre, I'm quite privileged to be given the opportunity to be involved with stage design. This has introduced a whole new job path for me, which I could get more experienced at and eventually (possibly) be paid for and commissioned to work within theatres to design props and scenery. This connections I have within this genre is Braintree Arts Theatre which I regularly work with from Abigail's Performing Arts. Paul Grimsey is a gentleman which helps and often supplies materials used to create this designs and is a great contact to have to hand regarding this.

Exhibitions (Exhibiting)

I know one thing that is expected to be difficult once leaving university, is how to get into exhibitions, whether it be solo or group. Well I know that I am very lucky to live near a town which is thriving with an art community and contains galleries which are generous in exhibitions and are always calling out for people. Art Exchange, The Minories and Firstsite are fantastic organisations to keep up to speed with and apply for events throughout the year. I am also lucky to be involved with Art4U who's sole aim is to give new emerging artists in Colchester and surrounding areas the opportunity to exhibit.

Costumes (Costume Design)

Continuing on from my involvement with the stage and musical theatre, I have partaken in some costume design, which is a very handy skill to have under my belt. Now, I'm not the best and I'm pretty much a beginner but I am lucky to know amazing seamstresses and cos-players who are phenomenal at what they do. These people, Kylsm (Caitlyn Smith), Lyn Scillitoe and Alison Carter (involved with Abigail's Performing Arts)) would be very much up to helping me out if I ever needed it.


As drawing is a technique that I would like to develop more over the next 5 years, I have thought about people that influence me, who happen to be people I know and some offer drawing classes to improve. Jane Frederick who was my ex-tutor, offers classes at Art Exchange and Firstsite. I also have an old friend fore_ground (Mike Skeet) who is a spectacular artist who specialises in drawings who influences me daily.


Quite like the point made above, I plan to extend my skills in painting. Jane Frederick is a well known painter in Colchester who offers classes at Art Exchange and Firstsite and also my friend Jack Freeman who recently partook in the TV competition 'Portrait Artist of Year'.


I like to dabble in 3D and more so recently it's becoming quite heavily involved in my artwork, so where do I go to after I leave my degree? This subject I have struggled to think of places which means I need to research this more but I do know that Colchester School of Art would be more than happy to help me out if I ever needed advice and would lead me in the right direction.


I would like to see myself using film/video in my artwork in the future, however I am more interested in this subject relating to my theatre work and acting. I have always imagined and dreamed that one day I may become a female actor, I just haven't done all the right things to get there. I focused on other matters, but now I feel like I may be at a position where people may be able to help me get there. Ashley Tyler, a relative, works for a film production company and I recently landed a role in a documentary about witches in Suffolk, but due to illness I was unable to attend filming, which was very devastating and unlucky, however I believe there will be other opportunities. 'Float' which is an organisation originated by Tate and occasionally appears at Firstsite, uses film/video within their events, this could give me chances to experiment - this is more involved with my artwork. I happen to know underground popular band called 'Ghost of Men' and they display fantastic music videos and have often said they would be show me some of the ropes of video editing and what software's to use, which would help me massively in my artwork if I were to pursue this in my artwork.


This is becoming more apparent in my artwork, so I thought about everybody I have been involved with learning about photography and being a model. English Rose is Abigail's Performing Art's in house photographer, she has more experience with portraits and commercial photography. Chris Matthews works at Colchester School of Art and his advice/help is invaluable. Ian Robinson is a freelance photographer having worked with Leona Lewis and travelled across the globe, he is also a close friend of the family and has taken pictures of me in the past. We plan to meet up soon and arrange shoot for myself to gain head-shots for possible agency enquiries - relating to my acting and also give me some advice on creating the best portrait photograph.


I tried to think of potential customers for my future selling of my artwork, but it could literally be anyone. However, I though of the most obvious that would probably buy my work first, that being; family, friends, acquaintances, online users and commissions from word and mouth or other means of promotion/communication.


I often receive work from being social in pubs, which usually involved getting gigs for my band but that doesn't mean I could sell artwork within this environment. I used to work at A&B in Sudbury (a window, door and conservatory company) which manufactured this items. I reckon if I were ever to need something along those lines for my artwork (blue sky thinking) they would be willing to help.

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