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Marks Tey Car-boot Sale

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Today myself, Izzy and later on in the morning, Abbie and Tracey attended a car-boot sale today to sell collected items to raise money for our degree show and London. We sold most of items in the first hour, having been surrounded by buyers shockingly early in the morning, however we raised in total £132.35.

We unfortunately was not able to take photographs of the morning at the car-boot, because we were so busy. But I did managed to take this one and only picture, of the tip of the iceberg of my full car of toot.

It was hard work trying to get the group together to attend a car-boot selling date as some weren't interested or couldn't find time, however they did donate some items. I suppose this will class me as my role in the degree show, as 'Fundraising Coordinator'. I don't mind taking on this role as I enjoy car-boot sales, but I definitely need an assistant. Car-boot sales are hard work! I still currently have a car full of toot, which are remainders of the last sale along with new things. I plan to sell them all at another car-boot sale to raise some extra cash for FREE RANGE, such as travel etc.

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