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In 5 years time...

I will be 30 years old in 5 years time, so I'm going to be very practical to begin with. I would hopefully like to expect that during those years, or even towards the end of those years, I would of hopefully moved out of my parents home. I think this is a very common goal for most adults in their late 20s and early 30s and it's a very reasonable one. I have longed to live in my own space and environments, where I can be at one with my thoughts and ideas. I know that living at home is a luxury and I have grown up in this household and many things have happened here, happy memories, achievements and milestones, however being in a household with family can have it's restrictions and I feel I am ready to move into my own home. I hope from moving into my own place it will give me the time to explore new avenues and let me design my own living space. Obviously, it comes at a price and I have to save up as much money as possible to make this goal become true. This is where all my plans within my '3 year plan' should of helped me get to that stage. I would still expect to be able to use my parent's garage, which should of hopefully turned into my studio. Or maybe I could rent it out to other people as storage in time periods.

Another big and practical goal will be starting my career in the education field as an art teacher. The big goal since beginning my degree and the vision I've had in mind since secondary school. I think above all I have to make this happen and everything else will fall into place naturally. I feel it's a sense of duty that I become a teacher, I believe it's in my blood, as my Grandfather was a well respected English teacher and I have grown up surrounded by amazing tutors and teachers and I was easily pushed to favouring what the education system does for people. Ideally, landing a job locally to where I live would be the dream goal but I have to expect that may not be realistic and I will go wherever the work is and if the money is right and the location is perfect, maybe I could tie in my first goal and this one together.

In 5 years I would like to think that I would have developed a small business for myself which involved painting murals for households. It would a nice hobby to develop skills in a more unique manner which enlightens the public and brings colour and creativity back into the household. I'm lucky to have a fairly sociable and extending network with people who spread news by word and recommendations, I trust in few years time that I would build an even bigger network and people will become more aware of my work and ask me for commissions. I also see myself hopefully developing my painting skills and and making a collection of works which can be nicely framed and ready to be sold to potential buyers. This may be a long journey but it will be worth trying and will keep me busy in my spare time.

This may be a shorter list compared to my other posts, but these are larger and more time consuming events which will take time. I will be at the stage in my life where independence and starting a career is key. Also, planning my 30th. Eek!

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