• Emma Theedom

(Final Project) Technical Idea

As I will now be hanging my work from the palettes. I wanted to make sure every detail was thought about. I didn't want to use grey pins which the university offered as I think they stand out too much and look very industrial. I, ideally want to use black nails, simply because it will blend in more with the images and hopefully become almost invisible, as the images have dark backgrounds.

I scrolled through a lot of selling websites such as eBay, Amazon, Wickes, B&Q and many more but I could not find black nails. Apart from a lot of results coming up for black false nails. Maybe I was searching wrong, not using the right words. But I really struggled to find any such thing as black nails. It wasn't till I went back to eBay and typed more random words like black pins, screws, nails, tacks and I was lucky enough to see that there were some black carpet tacks on sale. Now, it's not what I was expecting or hoped to use, but they were black and they looked like they could be hammered into a palette whilst holding an image up. So, I bought them straight away. (And they were under £2, bargain).

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