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(Final Project) Making the 'Grid Frame'

Time to start making the frame for the grid…

I used only scrap pieces of timber to try and be as thrifty as possible.

I had to make sure all of the staples were out of the wood before cutting it.

The wood is all cut and ready to use. Two lengths were longer than the other two, as the way I decided to connect the frame would be to screw them together instead. This way will save me time for prepping my work and keep myself updated on my writing, instead of spending time crafting the wood to make joins.

Richard helped me make sure the wood created a square frame. I didn’t have enough time today to fill any holes in the wood in, so I had to save that for another day. After discussing this grid with Richard, I went upstairs and discussed further with my tutors. We spoke about the grid and what I could back the pictures onto, what I would use to link the images together, speaking about professionalism when it comes to make this grid and many other aspects. I was told to look at using aluminium to print my IN WITH THE OLD series onto, but the price for 9 would be phenomenal and not what I can afford at this moment in time.

This is an example of the size (A2) that I would need. 9 of these would amount to £566.55. I would be an amazing idea to be able to do that, as it’s a desirable medium which people might want to buy, but realistically, I need that money for bigger priorities. After many talks about how this grid was going to work, I was starting to feel really negative about the whole idea. Elements kept popping up such as; can the chains be flush to hold the pictures and not drop? (As I wanted to rest the grid against the wall, and as you can imagine, with heavy images potentially backed onto MDF, it could drop)

There were also other factors such as;

  • If you were to spray mount the images on to MDF, there’s no guarantee it will stay stuck onto the MDF if it’s hot in the studio.

  • Using magnetic beads, may not work through MDF.

  • You could use fishing wires to connect the images, but if that the presentation you want

I was feeling at a bit of a loss end and decided maybe this was not the best route to go. I was going to have to think of something else, something that would guarantee strength and durability. I did still want to involve the frame I had already made somehow. But I thought it was best to get back to the drawing board and think of brand new ideas.

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