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(Final Project) Degree Show Preparations 5

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Everything else is pretty much done. Except from maybe another few... hundred sweeps and mopping the floor, to make sure it's clean enough. My last and final task in hand was to transfer the new printed images for the 'IN WITH THE OLD' series wall. As the days past, the more and more I realised how using gloss paper as the material was not the best decision. The studio is bright and holds a lot of lot beaming through the windows and reflects in all different directions. You could notice all the folds and imperfections within the paper and the light reflections morphed the image or became distracting. I collected my new images today, which were changed to a matt finish. I also re-sized four of the images, as I believe they were far too big for the palettes. I'm excited to see the results of my reprinted images.

I decided that I was going to have slightly more thicker white border than last time (3mm). I wanted to push it up to 5mm, as I think this will give me myself more of a chance to pin the images to the palette without having to pin into the actual photograph. After trimming, I was ready to pin them straight into the palettes. I realised after re-sizing a handful of them, that I was going to have to re-position them onto the palette which required a little measuring than previously anticipated.

Already after re-sizing and adding a thicker white border, alongside the change of paper. The images pop out more. The colours appear more deep and they're easier on the eye. I didn't think I could become more impressed with the presentation from hanging them up the first time, but I can see now that I definitely needed to change them.

Once I felt happy with the positions I want to look closer at the details of all my work. I realised that I have spent most of my time looking at them from a distance, I almost forget to look closely at my work. However, there is a reason behind that as I have to be mindful of an exhibiting artwork on the floor in front of my wall.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about how close the artwork is to my wall, as I believe they have been moved closer since when I last saw them. I will have to discuss the matter with the artist when I see them.

Never-the-less, I want to look at the details.

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