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(Final Project) Degree show Preparations 4

The last couple of days to set up and be ready for next week. It feels unreal that we are at this point in our degree. I feel a bit lost thinking that after this hand in, we won’t be coming back as students. Anyway, I won’t get emotional.

Over the weekend, I collected my newly framed portraits from the new print shop in Halstead high street. They look so brand new and crisp. I’m really happy with they have turned out, I definitely believe I made the right choice with making the portraits circular.

As I rocked up to the studio with them in hand, I came with the mindset that they were going to all be hung on the red wall, which was purposefully painted for them to be on. However, over the last few days I have been in discussion with Jonathan about his disagreement with all of the portraits to be hung on one wall as he explained, it would be too cramped and is unnecessary. I wasn’t happy with his judgement as I’m not one who likes to change their plans last minute. But I did see his point in the fact it may appear too busy/cramped. But I was worried about where I could possibly put them in the gallery? I thought that most people had made their bed and there wouldn’t be any room for me. But that was not the case, I had the choice of two walls; one opposite the red wall or one opposite the IN WITH THE OLD wall. I decided that I would choose the wall opposite the red one, solely because I did not want to interfere with Jackie’s installation. I was still slightly unhappy that I had to move around because I was so stuck in the thought of displaying my work in that L shape corner, but perhaps this is a decision for the best. It means there won’t be an empty wall in sight (hopefully).

The next decision to make was which portraits would go where. Speculating each portrait, Girl with the Fake Pearl is the most demanding and I believe deserves a demanding wall; which will be the red one. Seeing the Girl with the Fake Pearl finally up on the wall. I realise that Jonathan was totally right, the portraits needed some space. I’m pleased with the positioning of the portrait, 67 inches high from floor to screw. This height I perfect for all viewers and sticks to my hierarchy method. The Girl in the Fake Pearl will still represent the middle class.

The other two portraits could now be placed onto the opposite white wall, in their rightful positioning for the status of class. Unfortunately, I can’t hang them until I have filled and painted the wall for it to dry. I reckon by the end of the day, they will be ready to hang. But I could decide what positions and what way round I would want the portraits to hang.

Look at both of those photographs, I much prefer 'Madonna' looking down at 'Orphan' and not looking opposite directions. I got some volunteers to hold up the portraits in the positions I had in mind. I wanted 'Madonna' to remain the highest as she is of a Holy entity. And that would leave 'Orphan' to remain the lowest. I’m happy with how they look from all angles.

However, whilst my new white wall dries, in the meantime, there is plenty of floor sweeping, scrubbing and painting to be done. I can’t wait to hang the other two portraits up by today to see all my final artworks up and ready to be marked and shown.

The end result. I wouldn’t change anything about all three of the portraits. With the white wall, frame and background, it's almost like the circle is floating within the space. It's enjoyable to see shapely frame photographs.

Moving backwards slightly to my IN WITH THE OLD series, I explained that I was not happy about the shine and gloss of the paper reflecting under the light. Throughout Tuesday and today, I’ve had people point out that the reflection highlights flaws, which I do not want for my final degree show. Because of this, I have made the decision to reprint the images onto a matt paper. I have put the order in and should be expecting them to arrive on Tuesday. Hopefully, all will be finished by Tuesday. Happy days.

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