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(Final Project) Degree Show Preparation 3

Continuing on for preparation, in the morning I made sure to add another layer of paint onto my grid as I could see that some black paint was still peeking through.

Looking at the back of the palettes, I noticed that the masking tape was falling off and just won’t be good enough to last, so I asked to borrow some duct tape from Izzy. This is stronger and more durable.

When the technicians had drilled the ‘main’ palette into the wall yesterday, I realised that the wood had snapped and displayed the natural colour of wood. I made sure to paint over that and screw in red to keep it neat and tidy.

Tracey pointed out that once the baton was assembled and the palette resting on it, you could see the natural colour wood on the sides. I made sure to paint over them.

Surprisingly it took three technicians to hang the grid, along with eyes to make sure it looked even. But once it was up, I realised that this was exactly what I needed. Thinking back, I couldn’t really pin point why I wanted to rest the ‘main’ palette against the wall. I understood when I was originally going to make a grid that was easily manoeuvrable, but the palette is not as easy, so I may as well hang it on the wall to represent a modern/traditional/urban frame.

My chosen images for the IN WITH THE OLD series have finally been printed and I was ready to cut them down to size. I ideally want them to have a small white border around them to; 1. Break the image away from the red background. 2. Have space to nail the images without harming the actual photography. I went for a 3mm gap.

When myself and Richard got down to pinning the images, I realised that I wouldn’t be able to pin inside that 3mm bracket, we would have to pin on the photograph itself. This was my mistake, but I wasn’t entirely fussed about this because I don’t intend to sell these particular images. They are more for show and if someone was interested in purchasing these images, then I would print them a personal copy, framed etc.

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