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(Final Project) Degree Show Preparation 2

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

As it’s getting closer to the degree, there’s plenty of preparation to be done, which are pretty self-explanatory. I needed to finish painting these palettes, so they would be ready to be hung up. I was discussing with the technician Richard what would be the best way to hang the palettes up onto the wall, as they are quite heavy. Richard suggested something heavy duty, saying using a baton would be the best option. I agreed with his judgement.

Looking at the palettes, the colours look amazing against the white wall. The colours pop out amazingly, I can’t wait to see them actually on the wall.

With the grid, I have already painted a couple of layers of paint and the coats of previous colours is still showing through. I think this may need many layers before it starts to look like one colour.

I started to paint the wall today but realised that chalk paint is quite a difficult substance to use. Tracey explained that chalk paint dries very quickly can not be painted over continuously as the paint would eventually peel. So, I was very vigilant in how I applied the paint. But I was continuously nervous about if I was going to ruin the paint.

Looking backwards at the studio, it’s amazing to see the organised mess that has swept through the studio. We are so close to finishing.

We were fortunate enough to have helpers with us today from years 1 and 2 and I had the lovely Susie, who was in fact in my year until she decided to go part time in year two. As you can see we added another layer of paint with a think paintbrush and it appears to be making a big difference. However, it will still need touching up probably over the next few days.

As I looked at my palettes I realised that I hadn’t put safety measures in place for the nails on the back of the palettes as they had to hammered down once I had cut them. I made sure I put some masking tape over the nails, so people would be aware that there is a hazard there and to be careful when moving around.

Below, you can see that my palettes were finally up on the wall and I think it looks professional. Richard the technician was kind enough to help me install them today and stuck around to make sure everything was straight and accurate.

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