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(Final Project) Degree Show Preparation

On my white wall, even after filling the entire wall yesterday. I came back into the studio to find two massive cracks at the tops of the wall. It appears the cracks may need to be re-taped, but I was determined to use only filler as the cracks weren’t to deep, just long. I filled in the cracks and I will see how they look tomorrow.

I forgot that I didn’t sandpaper the grid down after filling it, so that was one of my jobs to do today. I would also be sanding down the corners to make sure they were all smooth and easy to touch.

Tracey advised that I because I am using the chalk paint on this grid, that I was going to have to sponge the surface clean as the chalk paint would pick up the dust very easily.

Speaking of chalk paint, I was ready to start painting my palettes. As I wanted to ration the paint as much as possible to make sure that it would last longer. I watered down the paint, which I used for the palettes. Although, originally in my head I wanted them to look washed out anyway. So, after the paint has dried (which will be fairly quick), I was going to scratch away some of the layers to make a rough surface.

I’m impressed with how the red paint has come up on the palettes. For something that was very ordinary, this has changed the whole concept of the palette. I see it now as the item I will be framing my work with. I see it as the frame.

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