• Emma Theedom

(Final Project) Business Cards

As most businesses or self employed people, they have a card to network and promote. As an artist it is important to give out information as soon as the chance arrives and to also promote yourselves in many different platforms. Having a business is just the start of it, but it's a good start.

I kept the colour scheme mutual on the back, which identifies colours on the picture side. I want to make sure there was a full scale image on the card.

For some reason, I was very unsure what to put as a job title, whether I put 'New Media' artist or photographer or painter. But I realised that I can't be specific if I have a fairly broad art practise, which ranges in many methods. Sticking with 'artist' will cover all aspects. I'm happy because I managed to get a fantastic deal of 500 cards. I know that I will hopefully use most of these at FREE RANGE, as I plan to take a trip around London and place them in various locations.

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