• Emma Theedom


Updated: Jun 4, 2018

On January 5th, I was asked to join the Art4U team. Thomas Dilloway and Joe Daniels created this art platform, once they had left university last year. Art4u is an artist led, art sharing and artist showcasing platform for emerging artist based in Essex. We run online residencies, art sales and exhibitions as well as our forthcoming future exhibition Anti-Frieze (Broke) at The Minories, Colchester.

Due to myself completing a degree, my role in the organisation is simply as dogs body, to be there when needed and help with reading through submissions. Once I have finished my degree, I plan to become more heavily involved with the marketing side, social media aspects and curation of exhibitions.

This will be a fantastic achievement for myself and something that's going to keep me proactive after I leave this degree, I'm going to discover new emerging artists, who may trickle me inspiration. I'm going to learn further about networking in the art community, how to curate to a professional standard and also, how to run a social media art platform, to a specific standard. I'm really excited for my future with Art4U.

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