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If there is one more thing I am equally as passionate about than art, it is performing. I work for Abigail’s Performing Arts in Halstead, a business that I have been helping to grow since the beginning from doing choreography, directing, advertising, design and marketing, web developing, set design, prop design, costume design, all the designs and dabbling on stage. You will be able to see the website I designed and develop as often as possible, with all relevant information into the classes I teach every week, our past shows, our charity work, my role within the company and pictures of myself acting on stage. Follow the link below;


Since being a pupil at school, I have always been involved in drama, attending Stageability in Halstead for many years and eventually becoming a teacher at their centre. But also studying performing arts as a GSCE. I'm not exactly sure why I did not continue studying the performing arts when I left school, mainly because I probably thought I wasn't skilled enough to continue it on. But I have to admit it is one of my regrets. I believe now, if I had the confidence, I would probably gone further in my journey in musical theatre.

Even if, performing arts in some factors, is different than Fine Art.. All these elements still add experience and inspirations to my art practise or vice versa.

Truth be told, I see massive potential in this Abigail's Performing Arts, which is growing by the year reaching almost 80 members of all ages and abilities so far. We’ve very recently been nominated by NODA East of England for ‘Best Youth Production’ in 2017, coming second out of the region. This was a very proud moment for Abigail and myself to be recognised and nominated by this organisation. As for a 4-year-old company, this is a massive deal and highlights the level we may be working at as a performing arts company. I learn more about this industry every week and how I can involve my artwork, as well as growing as a performer.

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