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3, is the magic number...

Updated: May 19, 2018

Where can I begin to determined my proceeding three years of study? I suppose looking back at my one year plans may help me figure out where I might be and then I can put forward my own expectations as to where I WANT to be during those three years. So below is all the points I raised in my last blog post, I will go into detail of how I'd of hoped the status for these plans would of been...

  • Moving our degree show to London (FREE RANGE, July 2018) - The degree show in London, would of been and gone and hopefully would have been a difficult - (I say difficult, due to the pressure of curating a show with a large group of people with different ideas and especially that show being in London, obviously transporting items may will add to that stress) - but a truly rewarding successful experience for all of us to be present and showcasing our work in London. I would like to see at least one of us in the group to have been recognised by somebody would holds some importance in the art field, whether them being a journalist or another artist. For me this will just of been a massive personal gain, just being able to say I had showcased my artwork in a popular building in London. Blue sky thinking would be to say that I had won an award from the judges at Free Range. That would really be the cherry on top of the cake!

  • Applying for a teaching degree course - After 3 years, I would have definitely applied and technically should have completed my teaching degree. However in that time also, I would of had to retake my GCSE Maths as I sadly don't hold a C grade, but a D grade and a C grade is required for teacher training courses. I would like to say that in that year after completing my teaching degree, I would be in secure job or close to securing a job in the teaching industry, specifically in an art department potentially Sixth Form level. But this may all depend on whether I pass my GCSE Maths. Seeming as I had to retake maths three times in Sixth Form and still only retained a D grade, I worry this is going to be a very tall hurdle to jump, but I am determined to try my best and hope/pray I come out with my head held high.

  • Continuing my jobs with my local theatre group Abigail's Performing Arts which include Assistant Director, Teacher, Set and Prop Designer and Marketing Design and participate in the next production Sleeping Beauty the pantomime - There is currently no slowing down for this company as we have to prepare shows years ahead, as the classes are strong in numbers and I still thoroughly enjoy working within this company and have no intentions to leave. However, I would like to expect that the company during this time will be nominated for awards and hopefully win one of those awards. As we are attending an awards evening for a nomination this year. If we keep going as strong as we are, I predict we may be nominated for more.

  • Complete a private commission alongside Molly Harriet for a garden wall mural in Colchester - After the work has been completed within the first year after leaving my degree, I plan to professional document it and use it for my artist website, this way it could lead to people seeing mine and Molly's work and receiving potential clients/commissions from this.

  • Continue to perform in my band Acoustically Blonde - As the band tends to be an 'if and when' kind of band, I believe that we may still be rocking away in the next 3 years. I would like to hope we will receive more bookings for weddings in this time, due to us having our first wedding this year (2018) and if the word gets around regarding this, it should encourage others to book us. A spin off from this would be that I would be doing more solo events also, solely because I have been asked to sing for another band at a wedding of one of their friends. This would bring in more income for me and also help me build my confidence and pursue more solo jobs.

  • Continue working at Gosfield Private School - After this current academic year of study, I believe I may finish my role as volunteer at Gosfield School. It has helped aid my study and also give me a real insight to life of a teacher, specifically primary and secondary, and the challenges and rewards they receive day to day. However, I believe that if I am to commit to my teaching course that I will be expected to work at a school teaching which will be graded and I don't believe that Gosfield School are a part of that scheme and wouldn't have anything available for me. I suppose there is no harm in asking but I know committing to my degree will be above everything else.

  • Start my new part-time job as Health Check Worker within the NHS - I have already started work as a Health Check Worker since writing the last blog post. If all goes to plan, I would like to continue working within the NHS in the next three years. My pattern of work/job roles seem to last 2/3 years. Solely because I started my degree, but because I believe I was just working jobs that I wasn't enjoying and I eventually became bored. But so far int his job role, it's really interesting and I am enjoying what I do. I meet new people every shift and learn something new almost every time. It's also good money and very flexible which will come in handy and will work well in my favour for my teaching degree.

  • Decide whether to go part-time or full-time in my teaching course - I thought about it in detail and I had decided to go part-time with the teaching degree, solely because I want to earn alongside my studies and not burn myself out. I have a lot of side hobbies and will need to fit them into my life and doing this degree part-time will help me do so. So, I would have completed this degree course in the following two years and as stated above, hopefully be close to or working in a job in the education field.

  • Making art - I expect that my first two years in this 3 year plan will be that I won't have made a lot of artwork at all, due to working and doing my teaching degree as well as being in a band, helping run a performing arts company and also have a life. I would however, like to ideally starting drawing/painting again. This is my ultimate goal in these three years, I want to try and better my painting skills and eventually sell them or enter these artworks into competitions or apply for exhibition offers locally that may appear.

  • Sell artwork - I would ideally like to have sold up to 5 pieces of artworks in those 3 years. I know it's not a big number but I would be pretty chuffed if I sold 5 pieces of artworks in this time. I don't mind what platform I would of sold these on, whether it be on Saatchi or on the street or over social media. I could proudly then say that I am an artist who sells. If I haven't done 5 in those three years, I would then make it my 5 year goal.

  • Turn my garage into an art studio - Over my first year of leaving I promised myself over the summer of that year, I would be starting work on emptying the garage to turn it into an art studio... Now, I'm hoping that I should be completed in those three years but due to my parents also being quite busy as well as me. It may be a long standing project that could last for a while. I would like to put a cap of 1 and half years for it to be completed, just for good measure...

All these previously explored plans have now been explored further. I feel like I have realistically explained what would happen in the next three years. However, these aren't the only things I want to achieve. All of the above are solely based on my art practise and my work plans, but what about other aspects to my life? I have other plans I would like to see happen in these next three years.

  • Complete my artist website to a professional standard - The reason I say this is because I believe having a platform that's updated and shows yourself off to your best standard, will help you feel determined to become your online figure and be productive. This is also a fantastic platform for viewers to see your work and get in touch with you if they need to.

  • Commit to working for Art4u - Thomas Dilloway and Joe Daniels asked me to be a part of Art4u during my final year of study and I agreed, on the terms that I won't be involved as much this year 2018, due to finishing uni and having lots on, which they both said was absolutely fine. So the next natural step would be to offer all my services and help as much as possible as where I am needed. Becoming committed and active within the organisation will help everyone involved and hopefully improve the organisation.

  • Apply for competitions - I want to try my luck at entering for postgraduate competitions and artist competitions with major companies/organisations. I mainly want to do this to become accustomed to the process of writing proposals and understanding whats the best and most effective way to enter competitions to a good standard. Also, if I was luckily enough to get far in said competition, that would be a complete bonus. I just feel this practise would get me eager and more prepared to what to expect from these kinds of events.

  • Save money and move out - Since my first year plans, I have been desperate to save money whilst I study, so in these next three years it's my ultimate goal to move into my own place, possibly with my partner. I know that it would have to be someplace that I could rent, because the thought of trying to climb the property ladder terrifies me because I know I don't have the money to even climb the first step. I don't believe I would ever get a chance to buy a house unless I save everything I have, every month. So renting is going to have to be my saviour, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I could move slightly more up north where prices are evidently cheaper and live a fairly comfortable life with some money left over at the end of the month. This is all depending whether I actually get a full time job during these 3 years... Eek! Bottom line, I really don't want to be living at home close to my 30's. That's just a no go.

  • Work towards being employed by an agent - This is mainly to do with my singing/acting work, if I were able to become represented by an agent, it could offer me more work and more potential income. Now I'm not thinking some big Westend agency, giving me my chance in the limelight - although that would be amazing, I just wouldn't be able to afford it - it's more along the lines of agencies that focus on function bands etc. My cousin did this for some time and made a fair amount of money, so if I'm lucky, having this opportunity to be given jobs whilst not having to find them myself would be a massive step up.

All of these are goals and aspirations of mine to complete in those short three years. I also plan to make sure that I remain healthy and happy as these times are crucial and needs my utmost attention and drive.

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