Emma Theedom was born and currently lives in Essex, where she is attending UCC Colchester School of Art, studying BA (Hons) Fine Art. Since 2015, she has been involved in many group exhibitions including, ‘Vision and Reality’ at University of Essex, which she was awarded 1st Prize from a panel judges. Emma’s work is currently based on digital imagery exploring the juxtaposing of Renaissance Masters meeting the life and surroundings of modern day, you will find this series online the Instagram art platform, @4rt4u. Emma has also been experimenting and refining portrait photography based on Renaissance portraiture. Her work has recently been displayed at her degree show 'Unfinished Business' at Colchester School or Art, in June and Mixed (Hon)ours', at Free Range, London, in July.

1993 | Born in Essex

2012-2014 | A Level Art and Design and Textiles, Colchester Sixth Form, Essex, UK

2015-2018 | BA (Hons) Fine Art, Colchester School of Art (UCC), Essex, UK

group exhibitions

2018'FREE RANGE', The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

2018 'I AM Student Open Exhibition', Art Exchange, University of Essex, UK

2018 | 'Art4U Pop Up Exhibition and Sale', Harris and Hoole, Colchester, Essex, UK

2018 | ‘Impressions’, The Minories, Colchester, Essex, UK

2017 | ‘Vision and Reality Student Open Exhibition’, Art Exchange, University of Essex, UK

2016 | ‘Conversations #1’ (In Association with Colchester Art Society, The Minories, Colchester, Essex, UK

2015 | ‘Wunderkammer’, Hay Gallery, Colchester School of Art, Essex, UK


2017 | ‘IN WITH THE OLD SERIES’, Instagram online residency, @4rt4u


2017 | First Prize, ‘Vision and Reality Student Open Exhibition’, Art Exchange, University of Essex, UK

2017 | CIFT Award, University Centre ColchesterColchester School of Art, Essex, UK

forthcoming exhibitions

2018 | 'BROKE' Anti-Frieze #1, The Minories, Colchester, Essex, UK

future publications

2018 | ‘Good Idea’ (eBook), ELBLOK Publications

2018 | ‘Good Idea’ (Hard Copy), Annual, ELBLOK Publications


2015 to present | Advertising, Artwork, Set Design at Abigail's Performing Arts, Essex, UK

2018 to present | Freelance Artist/Commissioner, Essex, UK


My work for the past 3 years since studying at UCC Colchester School of Art has unveiled different aspects of history, ranging from nostalgic home memories, juxta-positioning of Renaissance masters and contemporary culture today. In the current situation where many question the relevance or trendiness of old art, I find myself continually returning to those aspects to highlight the hidden or misrepresented in old masters, specifically Italian Renaissance. In my varied approaches to making art, such as; portrait photography, palimpsest, projection installation, digitally worked images and painting, the context of the work has always played from the same tune.

My work ranges from the context of bring the old, back into the new. Whether that will be from exploring palimpsest on home photography or portrait photography influenced by Renaissance portraits, I find myself repeatedly creating new space to bring back the ‘old’ and giving it a voice within new context. The work takes on various forms intended to draw in the viewer in a subtly manner, which will make them double take and rethink about what they are viewing. This way, I can create new cycles of thoughts and associations, which you wouldn’t have previously imagined, providing an experimental chance to challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions.

My current project is bordering into the realm of performance through portrait photography and appropriating old Renaissance masters, using modern people from today. I want to use the same format as the classics but coated with a hint of falsity, using the art respectfully but at the same time, making the viewer question the idea behind the portrait. I seek inspiration from artists such as, Gillian Wearing and Cindy Sherman, who conquer the boundaries of performance within portraiture.

Art remains as a strong factor of how we share our thoughts and ideas. Throughout history, art has survived the tidal wave of information, and remains an unpredictable source of imagination.  It has the possibilities of changing one’s thoughts, opening new ideas, and borrowing through received ideas, one new idea can change a persons’ perspective. Within my art I intend to encourage this process, I want the viewer to re-imagine a situation and accept it in it’s fullest. Whatever message or idea they receive upon this, I want them to take it with them on their day.

© All image and content belongs to Emma Theedom

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